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Some of the best moments are never really appreciated as they are happening. They were captured and rarely looked back upon because of access. The digital age allows us to share these memories at the click of a mouse. Here are just some of Harry's treasures.

Harold Evans The Magic Hustler
Dec 10, 2012 1:07 PM EST

Table-tennis wizard Marty Reisman dazzled crowds for decades. By Harold Evans. MORE

BBC  AMERICANA, December 5, 2010


Matt Frei talks to Sir Harold Evans, former editor of the Sunday Times, about the delights of America’s most bustling cities. Sir Harold Evans describes America’s transformation over the past 50 years and the pull that the nation continues to have upon visitors from overseas.

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Harold Evans and his “rag and bone men of the opinion trade”
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January 14, 2010 - The moral and legal debt owed over decades by successive British governments to hundreds of victims of the drug thalidomide (Children on Our Conscience chapter in My Paper Chase) was finally recognized in Parliament. The Minister, Mr. Mike O'Brien, acknowledged the work of Lord Morris, Lord Ashley and Harold Evans and the Sunday Times.

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wnyc The Leonard Lopate Show November 10, 2009
My Paper Chase

Sir Harold Evans recounts the tale of his life as a newspaperman, from his very first job, to becoming editor of the Sunday Times and The Times of London, and then his move into book publishing, becoming president and publisher of Random House. In My Paper Chase: True Stories of Vanished Times he discusses his crusading reporting style, his belief that journalism should improve the lives of those less fortunate, and his feuds with politicians, government, the court, and Rupert Murdoch.

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DIGITAL AGE - May The Sunday Times Rest In Peace? - Harold Evans. Nov. 15, 2009

May The Sunday Times rest in peace. Harry Evans once edited it. Rupert Murdoch killed it. Will we ever see anything like it again? Is The Wall Street Journal, ironically now owned by Murdoch, a candidate? Harry Evans tells us of his Horatio Alger life and his view of The Sunday Times and The Wall Street Journal. He is author of My Paper Chase: True Stories of Vanished Times. James Goodale, former Vice Chairman of The New York Times, hosts. 11/15/09

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Photojournalism -Fragment on photojournalism from Evans On Newspapers four documentaries for BBC2 in 1981.



Sir Harold visits his old stomping grounds at the Manchester Evening News in September 2009.

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